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2001 Futurenatural

The Bank of Time screensaver is compatible with Windows 2K and upwards. Mac OSX currently NOT supported. An internet connection is needed fo the normal online version although there is now also an offline version.

Note: if you are connected through a local network or use a firewall then you may need system permissions from your systems administrator to install and run this or any system software.

Online version

Win 9x/NT/2K/XP

2.7 MB

BankofTimePC.exe readme txt

Offline version

Win 9x/NT/2K/XP

19.7 MB

BankofTimeOfflinePC.exe readme txt


Download and save the file and run it by choosing "Run..." from the "Start" menu and selecting the file using "Browse.." This will launch the installation process.

REMEMBER - don't expect your plant to grow immediately. If you save your idle time patiently then you will be rewarded...


Production                     Futurenatural
Technical Support         Harwood
Compositing                  Seiji Yamashita and Naoki Matsumoto
Funded by                      Arts Council of England