2001 Futurenatural

How does it work?
"The Bank of Time" screensaver records the amount of time your computer is idling and uploads this time to "The Bank of Time" web site where it is recorded in the Idleness Growth Tables. This time is used to grow a plant on your desktop by downloading time lapse recorded images. When each plant has completed its growth cycle you can chose a new plant until there are none left.

I've installed "The Bank of Time" but my plant doesn't seem to be growing. And I can't see my entry in the Idleness Growth Tables. What am I doing wrong?
"The Bank of Time" will update the plant image from the internet to keep pace with the growth of your idle time savings. The more time you save the faster the image will update. But waiting for your investment to mature takes patience so you will have to save an hour or so of idle time for each update.
Also "The Bank of Time" can only upload and download its data when the screensaver is running and you are online. If you are online but the screensaver is not running, or the screensaver is running but you are not online then it cannot update.
REMEMBER - don't expect your plant to grow immediately. If you save your idle time patiently then you will be rewarded...

I am connected to the internet but it does not seem to be downloading any images.
On some systems "The Bank of Time" cannot detect you are connected unless you perform some internet activity first, like surfing a web site.
If you are connected through a local area network
then there may be software like a Firewall that could restrict the screensaver. Check with your network administrator.
Another possible reason is simply if there is a lot of traffic on the web site it may time out.

My screensaver is not growing over the desktop like in your illustration but replacing it.
To grow over your desktop your display needs to be in 32-bit colour or "millions" mode.

How many plants are there to grow?
Who knows? New plant stocks are always being added...

Do I need a fast computer to run this?
No. The screensaver will run on practically any Windows PC with an internet connection. A computer with a full colour display will be ideal.

Will it run on all Windows and Mac operating systems?
Well, not quite. Unfortunately there is no native version for Mac OSX. Windows XP will run if you have the latest Service Pack installed.

Do I need to be permanently connected to the internet?
No. The screensaver will upload your timings and download your plant images whenever it is running and it detects you are connected (usually when the screensaver is first launched). If it cannot upload or download it will just wait until later. Or you can connect to the internet and launch the screensaver to force it to update. You can also cancel an internet operation without losing any data.

There is also an offline version which does not need an internet connection but will not upload your timings to the web site tables.

Is it secure?
"The Bank of Time" screensaver uploads only the screensaver idle time and the user information you typed in at installation to identify who you are and no other information. This information is used only by "The Bank of Time" web site and are not passed on to any third party or used in any other way. The downloaded files are also completely safe because none of the data files are programs that could contain viruses.

How much does it cost?
"The Bank of Time" is a service which is completely free of charge.

What do I do now?
Go straight to the downloads page to get your copy of "The Bank of Time" screensaver and start saving. It's that simple..