"The Bank of time" is an online screensaver that saves your computers idle time. This means that the time that your computer is on but inactive is not wasted but is collected and saved by the bank via the internet. You can visit the Idleness Growth Tables where your time is recorded and compare its growth to that of other users from all over the world.
You can see your time grow on your screen in the form of a plant (see image right). These plants grow using time lapse imagery downloaded onto your desktop.

You do not need a permanent connection to the internet to run "The Bank of Time". But it can upload and download its data only when the screensaver is running and you are online. If you are online but the screensaver is not running, or the screensaver is running but you are not online then it cannot update.

"The Bank of Time" will update the plant image from the internet to keep pace with the growth of your idle time savings. The more time you save the faster the image will update. But waiting for your investment to mature takes patience so you will have to save an hour or so of time for each update.
REMEMBER - don't expect your plant to grow immediately. If you save your idle time patiently then you will be rewarded...

All you need to start saving with "The Bank of Time" is to download the screensaver and install it on a computer with an internet connection. The first time the screensaver runs it will ask you to initialise it with a unique user name which will be used only to record your computers idle time. The screensaver uploads this time over the internet to its web site database and updates your desktop as your time grows.

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